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24 year old grad student of the Humanities at the University of Chicago, specializing in poetry.
I like words, explosions, dancers, tattoos, yoga, showtunes, and rock n' roll.
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New Zealand speeding ad.

This is intense…really well done.

4 Ways Parents Teach Kids that Consent Doesn't Matter

How do you find out if you’ve developed an intolerance to something without going to the doctor and going through countless tests? Tonight was the second time in a month that I’ve felt really shitty for like 4 or 5 hours, then thrown up really violently once, and felt pretty much fine afterwards…(except for the general I just puked tummy unease)…I recorded everything I’ve had to eat today…but there’s nothing out of the ordinary about it. Almost everything I had today is something that I’ve been eating basically every day for weeks…and everything else was packaged (a granola bar and a vitamin water). I wish I had recorded my food the first time, but I didn’t really think about it because I was in the middle of finals. But I haven’t gotten anything done tonight and I hate throwing up and I just want to know if it’s some food that I need to start avoiding…

Part of me is afraid it’s my stomach ulcer resurfacing…but then I assume I would feel nauseous all the time instead of just randomly… 




This Indian actress shut down a reporter for telling her to keep quiet about women’s rights.

fuck yes


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My life.

The other day, I said to my friend: You have your own bathroom? What are you, a billionaire!?

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